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Help With Headaches

“It appears that chiropractors have been right all along. A team of doctors at Syracuse University have established with scientific, anatomical proof, that damaged structures in the neck (subluxations) are the cause of many chronic headaches.”

-December 28, 1995. Life Toronto Star; Life section Peter Rothbart MD

An example of this:

Chronic headache may appear in up to 40% of children before age 7 and 75% by age 15, but most of these headaches are considered tension-type or migraines.

There was a case report which followed an 8-year-old boy who suffered with daily headaches for over three years. There had been no initial trauma to the region. Palpation in the upper cervical region and awkward head position generated pain, predominantly on the right side; abnormal tenderness and decreased neck range of motion were also observed. The subject received spinal manipulation focusing on the right upper cervical area.

After a single treatment, headache frequency decreased. Following subsequent treatments, headache frequency continued to taper off. Two months after treatments, the patient reported less frequent headaches from several days per week, down to two days per month.

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