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Thoracic Sympathetic Hyperactivity

“Muscular skeletal trauma or stress produces segmental sympathetic nervous system hyperactivity. Chronic sympathetic hyperactivity is often critical factor in such diverse clinical syndromes as neurogenic pulmonary edema, peptic ulcer, arterial sclerosis, cardiac lesions, and osteodystrophies. Effective manipulative therapy improves input so that sympathetic hyperactivity is alleviated.”

-Irvin Korr, Phd, The Spinal Cord as the Organizer of Disease Process; Hyperactivity of Sympathetic Innervation as a Common Factor in Disease, JAOA 1979 Dec; 79 (4)


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Heart Rhythm Disorders

“According to studies by Rychikova, Schwartz and Metz a comparison of EKG’s taken before and after manual therapy shows telesystolic changes and normalization, as well as cured heart rhythm disorders.”

-“Manual Therapy in Interal Medicine” E.G. Metz at Bezirksrankerhaus Postdaus, (formally East) Germany 1976

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“As a result of personal experience there is no doubt in my mind that somatic dysfunction in joints in the upper thoracic spine can affect the function of the inner ear presumably by way of its sympathetic innervation.”

-JF Bourdillon MD, SPinal Manipulation Appleton and Lange 1987

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Ischemic Heart Disease

“The following pattern of disturbances of locomotor system (spinal subluxation) seems characteristic of ischemic heart disease. Blockage affecting the thoracic spine from T3-T5 most frequently between T4-T5, movement restriction most noticeable to the left, at the cervical thoracic junction, and the third to fifth rib on the left side.”

Lewitt MD, DSc Manipulative Therapy in Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System


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Paroxysmal Tachycardia

“Here the changes found in the spinal column are linked with tachycardia in such a way that when we normalized the function of the spinal column, heart rhythm also became normal and remained so as long as there is no relapse in the spinal column.”

Lewitt MD, DSc Manipulative Therapy in Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System

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