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Headaches From Whiplash?

“Headaches can occur as a delayed symptom after whiplash trauma in the cervical spine. There symptoms may persist for years cause headaches, and lead to depression.” -M Berger MD, F. Gerstanbrand MD, 1981 (Studies on Pain, Headaches)


An example of this:

This 34-year-old male suffered a head injury during an auto accident in which he was rear-ended at 50mph. He described severe pain in his neck and back and headaches that originated at the base of his skull and spread to his left eye. His pain was so severe that it prevented him from sleeping, so he suffered from severe fatigue. To maintain some level of function during the day, he relied on multiple caffeinated beverages. At the time of his initial upper cervical chiropractic evaluation, he had been suffering with all of the above symptoms for over a year. He had sought help from numerous practitioners including physicians, neurologists, and therapists, to no avail. During his evaluation, an upper cervical injury was discovered, which had been caused by his auto accident. After the first month of care, he began to notice less pain and a slightly better ability to sleep. By the third month of care, he was reporting a larger reduction in pain levels, which was enabling him to resume exercising. After six months, all pain was absent, normal sleep was resumed, and he was able to participate in all previous activities and sports, as well as going back to work full-time.

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