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Heart Rhythm Disorders

“According to studies by Rychlikova, Schwartz, and Metz, a comparison of EKG’s taken before and after manual therapy shows telesystolic changes as well as cured heart rhythm disorders.” -Manual Therapy In Internal Medicine” E.G. Metz @Bezirkskrankenhaus Postdam (Formerly East) Germany 1976

An example of this:

In this case a 67 year old woman came to the chiropractor after being hospitalized for atrial fibrillation. she had suffered multiple transient ischemic attacks. Additional symptoms from her atrial fibrillation included fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath and a rapid heart rate. A chiropractic examination was performed which included palpation, thermal scans and postural x-rays. Additionally her cardio functions were monitored and showed her blood pressure at 193/98 mm Hg, her heart rate measured at 98bpm and her respiratory rate was 14 breaths per minute. Subluxations were determined to be present in the upper neck and specific chiropractic adjustments were initiated to correct the nerve interference from the subluxations. Five days after the woman’s initial adjustment a second adjustment was given. The patient’s condition started showing improvement. A week later the woman had improved to the extent that during her visit to her cardiologist it was decided that she would discontinue her medication. In time her hypertension also resolved and was recorded to be down to 124/74 mm Hg. She did not suffer any episodes of arrhythmia.


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