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Chiropody - Foot Care

Chiropody is the field of podiatric medicine devoted to the diagnosis and medical treatment of various foot, ankle and lower extremity diseases and disorders. Disorders of the lower extremities can often affect your hips, back and overall posture as well. Foot Specialists can treat various ailments of the lower extremities through biomechanical, medicinal and surgical means.

At The Healing Path our Chiropodist Sameer Sekhon manages, and
treats all disorders and injuries of the foot.

What are the benefits of Podiatric Care?

Podiatric care can provides various health benefits from acute foot and ankle pain-relief, to maintenance of a healthy foot for diabetics and resultant limb salvage, to increasing range of motion and overall mobility for walking, running or sports.

What should you expect on your first visit?

To insure your first visit with us is a pleasant one, here are the procedures you can expect.

Podiatric Consultation – You will begin by completing a questionnaire that will help us to get to know you better. Following the completion of the questionnaire you’ll meet the Medical Foot Specialist, who will review your health history and determine if you are a podiatric treatment candidate.

Examination – If your case is deemed a podiatric case, standard physical appearance, range of motion, orthopedic and gait examinations will be performed. There may be a need for further padding and strapping or further exploration e.g. X-Ray or Ultrasound to help conclude a diagnosis.
Based on their report of finding, the Specialist can conclude a diagnosis and a treatment plan accordingly.

What are the different forms of Podiatric Treatments available?

At The Healing Path we want you to move happy and pain-free! We offer a FULL-SCOPE medical foot clinic with services ranging from simple nail and callous care, to diabetic foot care, to custom orthotics and bracing to pharmacological, injection and surgical intervention, all to better help you stay active and healthy.