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Meet Marie Gold

Marie Gold

Registered Nurse in Burlington

Marie started her career in the medical field with a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario. While working as a personal trainer, she became more interested in her clients’ health issues than their fitness levels. This interest led her to study nursing, and she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Laurentian University.

Transitioning to Acute Care and Entrepreneurship

With a decade of experience in acute care, Marie honed her skills in high-pressure environments, working in emergency settings. Her experience in these critical situations equipped her with the expertise to handle various medical conditions.

In 2018, driven by a desire to offer more personalized care, Marie opened her own clinic, focusing on aesthetic medicine and integrative health solutions. Opening her clinic was pivotal, allowing her to combine her nursing skills with her passion for holistic wellness.

The IV Therapy Revelation

Marie’s personal experience with IV therapy as a fitness competitor led to a significant revelation. After receiving a Myers IV infusion, she experienced a remarkable improvement in her well-being. This transformative moment inspired her to incorporate IV therapy into her clinic.

She has since completed extensive training across North America, including:

  • The Integrative IV Therapy Academy with Dr. Marsden
  • The IV Therapy Academy in the United States
  • The Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine IV Therapy Academy certification

We create our IV therapies on-site based on each patient’s specific needs, ensuring that every treatment is tailored for optimal results.

Holistic and Collaborative Care

Marie combines IV therapy with comprehensive medical assessments. Under the supervision of Medical Director Dr. Kofi Fosu, our practice offers personalized care plans supported by thorough lab work. “Our approach is holistic and collaborative, and we work closely with the patient’s entire healthcare team to provide the best possible outcomes.

Outside the Practice

When she’s not working, Marie is a national-level fitness competitor.

Take the First Step Today

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