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Meet Minakshi Fernandes

Minakshi Fernandes

Resident Physiotherapist

Minakshi Fernandes is a resident physiotherapist with over 12 years of experience. She began her journey in physiotherapy in 2012, drawn to the potential it held for healing without medication. She graduated with a Master’s in Physiotherapy, specializing in Musculoskeletal Sciences, from in Mumbai, India, in 2015.

Experience and Achievements

Over the years, Minakshi has worked in diverse settings ranging from multispeciality hospitals to private clinics, caring for a wide spectrum of neurological, cardio-respiratory, and orthopedic patients. She completed her McKenzie Certification, a highly specialized technique for spinal and joint pains, in 2019, allowing her patients to get excellent results.

Expertise and Professional Interests

Minakshi has significant expertise in knee, shoulder, hand, and spine treatments. She is also highly skilled in treating hand problems due to her specialization in hand therapy. She is highly adept at diagnosing musculoskeletal issues and prescribing specific treatments, a skill she believes instills trust in her patients.

Minakshi thrives on improving her patients’ quality of life, alleviating their pain from the root cause, and helping them regain mobility. She believes in addressing symptoms holistically rather than providing superficial management.

What also sets Minakshi apart is her ability to adapt to emerging techniques in the ever-expanding field of physiotherapy, continually adding to her repertoire of skills. In the future, she plans to take a course in pelvic floor therapy so she can offer that to patients.

In Her Spare Time

When she’s not at the practice, Minakshi enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter and exploring her new surroundings. In the near future, she plans to undertake courses to enhance her skill base further.

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Minakshi treats her patients with considerable empathy and excels in her communication skills. Her care and positivity add to the skills she has acquired so far.

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